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STAY tuned [colorado]

STAYtuned[colorado] is a closed Facebook Group. It’s purpose is to advance STAY’s mission locally by linking Colorado Yale students, both undergraduate and graduate schools, to Colorado Yale alumni. Students are here for parts of June and August (maybe July), and a part of December as well. Thus, our opportunities for face-to-face contact are brief. We hope to create events to bring the students and alumni together during these times. You will hear about these events through our regular emails and via this website. If you are interested in becoming active with this initiative, please go to the Facebook Group and ask to join the group.



About STAY: Students and Alumni of Yale

Colorado coordinator: Martin Walsh, SOM’07, 303-694-1900 Ext. 309, martinw@innovestinc.com

Students and Alumni of Yale is a group working closely with the Association of Yale Alumni (“AYA”), Undergraduate Career Services (“UCS”), graduate and professional school associations, and other campus partners, aim to:
• Enhance the Yale experience for students by connecting them with Yale’s experienced and enthusiastic alumni
• Prepare students for life after Yale through career panels, networking opportunities, and mentoring
• Encourage students to stay involved with Yale after graduation by providing them with leadership opportunities at the AYA, the Yale Alumni Fund, alumni interviewing, etc.
• Inspire alumni to reconnect with Yale or enhance their current connection through meaningful interaction with the student body
• Encourage alumni to inspire students through life experiences and insights
• Contribute to our alma mater with our joint time and talent

In 2011, Yale witnessed a surge in joint student-alumni programs and events. The AYA – with active sponsorship and support from career services leaders, alumni, student leaders, and campus partners such as Yale’s graduate and professional schools and Yale’s residential colleges – set in motion events and programs that included:
• Student-energized career panels featuring Yale alumni invited by the AYA, career services, and student organizations
• A series of student and alumni focus groups to explore student-alumni collaboration
• Admissions Office-sponsored alumni interview training for Yale College seniors
• Networking mixer for students and alumni, staffed by AYA, career services leaders, and students
• A career panel/reception for G&P students and alumni attending the Fall 2011 AYA Assembly
• A student/alumni mixer in Los Angeles sponsored with the Yale Club of LA
• A first-of-its kind series of Student Leadership Forums, oversubscribed with student leaders from our G&P schools and Yale College

These events attracted many alumni and students who had never before participated in Yale-related alumni programming or events. Students and alumni at these events expressed a strong desire for a permanent organization that would bring together Yale’s G&P students, undergraduates, and alumni. STAY’s recent creation sprang from the energy, enthusiasm, and passion of Yale students and alumni seeking to foster community in new and powerful ways.

The Model
Key elements of STAY’s model include:
• Service, programs and events open to – and for the benefit of – the entire Yale community
• Linkage between service and mentoring/networking
• Dues-free membership, but with active committee service required

Volunteering for STAY’s committees and working groups – or participating in support of STAY – is by application and is open to all Yale students, Yale alumni, University faculty and staff, and other members of the Yale community. All STAY volunteers must be active members of at least one committee or working group. STAY is led by an Executive Board, but STAY’s mission is achieved through the efforts of our committees and working groups:
Outreach and Membership. Responsible for locating and engaging Yale students and alumni with STAY. The committee will review applications to STAY and recommend new members to the Executive Board.
Career Panels. Responsible for organizing at least 5 career panels featuring Yale alumni per year.
Mentoring. Responsible for developing and implementing a mentoring program. Mentoring includes undergraduate/G&P student mentoring as well as student/alumni mentoring.
Networking. Responsible for initiating networking events. There should be annual events both for undergraduates and G&P students.
Service. Responsible for promoting the Yale Day of Service, the Yale Alumni Service Corps, and other existing alumni volunteer programs to students. May also choose to initiate new service programs that bring students and alumni together.
Social. Responsible for bringing students and alumni together for purely social reasons both in New Haven and throughout the world.