Service / Colorado Yale Association

The Colorado Yale Association has created a new initiative to provide service opportunities around the year. It is hoped that the variety of times and activities will facilitate our alumni’s embrace of the Yale service mission.

Jenifer Heath is our volunteer coordinator, providing a steady stream of opportunities: 303-726-9601, . To participate in a service opportunity you must RSVP to Jenifer.

This is a new mode of operation for the CYA. Initially we are publishing the opportunities via a Facebook Group. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with Facebook, so, in the coming month we will be automating the publishing of the Facebook entries on this website as well. You will then be able to review the opportunities there.

If you want to join the Facebook Group now, click here “Service/ Colorado Yale Association,” and when you are logged in request to join the group. An admin alum will admit you to this closed group. Please note that you will have to RSVP to Jenifer one week in advance of any of the service events.