Shared Interest Groups are being created to allow Colorado Yale alumni to organize in new ways. Our first group offers opportunities for community service. As we gain experience in how to operate these groups, others will be added. Next in line are a program in Ethics and Philosophy for teens, and a chess club.

The central organizing tool we use is Facebook Groups. But we are also working on publishing the Facebook posts on this site,, for those who do not want to use Facebook.

The Facebook Groups are closed groups. Upon arriving at a Facebook page for the group you will be able to click a button that says “Request to Join.” A group member who is an “admin” will approve you. Then you can read and make posts to that group. Members can schedule events, carrying on discussions, and otherwise manage the group.

The links below take you to pages on this site which explain the nature of each group.

 With Kids/ Colorado Yale Association  Yale Women/ Colorado
 Service/ Colorado Yale Association
 Yale Latino Alumni Association/ Colorado
Energy/ Colorado Yale Association Chess/ Colorado Yale Association
Teen Ethics/ Colorado Yale Association

If you have an idea for a Group you would like to create, send an email to John Boak , ’70 or call him at 303-777-6226.